That Hell Hole of a State

The Ranting Chef takes on Texas barbecue and that favorite meat cut brisket a little more in-depth than I did.

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Happy Birthday America!

I cannot think of a better birthday celebration then to take a big hunk of meat and cook it low and slow until it practically melts in your mouth. Brisket. You know I’m talking about this favored cut of mine. This version is labeled Texas Brisket. While I’ve always loved brisket, I did not “take a hankerin'” to Texas at first.

My first encounter with the state was when I had graduated from The Ohio State University and drove back home to Los Angeles. Being December, I decided to take the southern route which took me through Indianapolis, St. Louis, Oklahoma City and through the panhandle of Texas before onto New Mexico, Arizona and a little side trip to Vegas before arriving in Redondo Beach.

Weather most of the way was rather cold. In the 30’s (F) but generally sunny. That is until I got to Texas. In…

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