Personally, I’d rather deconstruct literature than an actual dish, but a new spin on filled cannoli is okay in my book. I also enjoyed a deconstructed spin on gumbo (which amounted to stuffed jumbo shrimp) while in San Francisco.

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Deconstructed food is on the way out.

Fifteen years ago, no one had ever heard of it. Ten years ago it was becoming popular. Five years ago it was getting overdone. Now, in many cases, it is just silly.

For those still not used to the term, a deconstructed dish takes they key ingredients to a more complex dish and presented them in a new way that makes you see the dish in a new way. When done well, it can be very interesting and a good way to highlight the building blocks of the dish. When done poorly the ingredients are either just put out as individual components without any form change, or you have a plate with a half of a carrot and a shaving of beef and potato and it is called stew.

I don’t really make much in the way of deconstructed food, but this recipe…

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