“Take Back the Kitchen” kindly guides people into making foods from scratch or finding an easy way to make the most of what they buy from the store, whether it’s elegant dinners or afternoon snacks for the kids, and even common ingredients, like ketchup, Worchestshire sauce, and herb – and fruit-infused oils, and teach the next generation that the kitchen is so much more than where the refrigerator is.

This blog also takes a look at food and culinary arts from a historical, philosophical, sociological, and scientific perspective and showcases what I learned and experienced during my two years as a culinary arts student/trainee in the U.S. Department of Labor’s Job Corps program.

Whether you’re amateur or pro, black or white, male or female, old or young, religious or atheist, gay or straight, a culinary student with dreams of being the next big cooking star or an average Joe or Jane with dreams of making a satisfying meal, “Take Back the Kitchen” will help you out.

Good day and happy eating to all!

–Canais “Philly Foodie 85” Young

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